Summer of Salvage Summer of Salvage

The Summer of Salvage kicks off Memorial Day weekend and finishes on Labor Day. It’s our way of thanking our customers and showing them how we appreciate them. So we developed a few games, brought in a hot dog cart and each year we design a scrap theme game. Then we thought why stop there so we do a little things for the community that we live in. I believe that if we can do a little extra and it doesn’t take away from family time then why not. Not to mention the kids I strongly believe they are our future. So we try to develop something that involves kids. We also enjoy the summer like everyone else and started going to races in NH and other states meeting new friends. So we figured the Summer of Salvage wasn’t just about what went on in the yard or buying scrap metals. The summer is short so we want to make the most of it whether it be camping, fishing, concerts, racing or relaxing around a fire. We also want to interact with you so if you ever had an idea or a thought that you think others would enjoy feel free to drop us a post.

The Summer of Salvage for those of you who know and don’t the story started like this. Three years ago my friend Jerry and I were going on a road trip to Charlotte NC. We had to make a stop in Virginia and pick up my 2 cousins. We picked up Ralph which most of you know as Czer and his brother and proceeded to NC. While stopping at El Tio’s (Mexican Boilermakers) and a long stretch of roads the ideas started to flow. Soon a fun trip had ended and Czer came back to NH with us.

So this being our third year of the Summer of Salvage we decided to put another twist on the event. This being the Summer of Salvage on tour 2014/15. Amongst the regular events in the yard and of course our scrap theme we will go on the road and Salvage across America. Will visit different activities, recycling companies and again see friends and family. As always we will post pictures and updates on our web site and Facebook page. Thank you to our family’s and all who support us we look forward to meeting new and old friends.


Frank A Lacoshus III