June, 20th, 2018

Dear Friends,

I would like to take the time to thank you for your support over our many years of business.  Every year presents different challenges along the way. This year is not different still running short-handed takes a toll on us. The markets have been a roller-coaster.  Recently with copper hitting a high that we had not see since the end of last December. Only to give it all back by threatening to hit the market's low point.  We have to bring up the current problems of tariffs and possible trade wars not helping out matters. With all these current factors involved, we have decided to suspend operations from June 20th thru July 24th. Everyone’s health is excellent, and no other current matters had led to this decision.  We need some time away to relax and recharge the batteries. We hope you will support our decision and return to regular business operations Tuesday, July 24th at 8 am.

Thank You

Yours Truly,

President, Granite State Salvage Co.

Small Batch Salvage™

For those of you wondering what is small batch salvage? The story goes along this way. For well over 50 years GSSCO has been in the recycling industry. If you haven't heard of us you might have purchased our metals through someone else. Like others in this business our founding father Frank Jr. sorted and graded metals using the means of a shear, torch, grinder, acids and knowledge. He would bid on lots of metals upgrade the and sell them. Time has passed and technology has changed. We still hand sort our materials, then prepare them ( by torch or plasm cutter) with stricter standards and a wider range of products.

We now use the process of a Niton X-ray gun, which enables us to give you what you pay for not an inferior grade. Finally, we use our knowledge as a second generation recycler and over 25 years of experience to deliver a superior quality of recycled materials. Like our founding father over 50 years ago, somethings never change and neither does our focus on quality. Even though this requires more time we feel you can't jeopardize quality for quantity.

Quote marksWhat we can do for you is give you quality products that meets the strictest standers or the most leant


We cannot guarantee trailer loads of scrap per month which is what sets us apart from others. What we can do for you is give you quality products that meets the strictest standers or the most leant. So whether you’re looking for boxed, baled or barreled materials try small batch salvage you won't be disappointed.


3 weeks ago

Granite State Salvage

February 2019

This is a short month of February for us at GSSCO.

GSSCO will be closed all Saturday’s for the month of February.

GSSCO will also close for Winter Break from Wednesday February 20th thru March 4th. We will be reopen Tuesday March 5th

Thank You ...

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2 months ago

Granite State Salvage

Thank You,

Have a Safe an Happy New Year

See you in 2019 ! ...

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2 months ago

Granite State Salvage

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at GSSCO ...

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3 months ago

Granite State Salvage

December / Holiday Hours

GSSCO will be Open the first Saturday of the month ( December 1st )

We will be open all Saturday’s right up til December 22nd.

GSSCO will close December 24th tru January 1st for the Holidays.

We will be back to ring in the New Years on Wednesday January 2nd at 9am.

Thank You and enjoy the Holidays from all of us at GSSCO. ...

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