July 20, 2016

Dear Friends,

The last year in the recycling business has been extremely tough for the industry. Prices were cut in half in some instances with some commodities almost worthless. A far cry from a couple of years ago when recyclables were at highs. Companies were forced to make cutbacks and some closures to facilities. In my 27 years involved in scrap metals these are some of the toughest times I've been through. Here at GSSCO I can assure you that we are doing everything we are capable to give you the best price and service available. In the coming months we will asking you  different ways to improve. Surveys will be conducted every couple of months. Our FaceBook page will automatically update to our web page for up to date information. You may also email us or if your old fashioned just pick up the phone and ask us a question.

Thanks For Your Time.

Sincerely Yours,
Frank A Lacoshus III
President of Granite State Salvage Co.

Small Batch Salvage™

For those of you wondering what is small batch salvage? The story goes along this way. For well over 50 years GSSCO has been in the recycling industry. If you haven't heard of us you might have purchased our metals through someone else. Like others in this business our founding father Frank Jr. sorted and graded metals using the means of a shear, torch, grinder, acids and knowledge. He would bid on lots of metals upgrade the and sell them. Time has passed and technology has changed. We still hand sort our materials, then prepare them ( by torch or plasm cutter) with stricter standards and a wider range of products.

We now use the process of a Niton X-ray gun, which enables us to give you what you pay for not an inferior grade. Finally, we use our knowledge as a second generation recycler and over 25 years of experience to deliver a superior quality of recycled materials. Like our founding father over 50 years ago, somethings never change and neither does our focus on quality. Even though this requires more time we feel you can't jeopardize quality for quantity.

Quote marksWhat we can do for you is give you quality products that meets the strictest standers or the most leant


We cannot guarantee trailer loads of scrap per month which is what sets us apart from others. What we can do for you is give you quality products that meets the strictest standers or the most leant. So whether you’re looking for boxed, baled or barreled materials try small batch salvage you won't be disappointed.


December/ Holidays Schedule

GSSCO will be closed Saturday December 2nd ( 1st Saturday of the Month)
We will also be closed the week of Monday December 25th thru January 1st 2018.
We look forward to serving you the rest of the year and ringing in 2018 Thank You. ...

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GSSCO will be closed Wednesday November 22nd thru November 27th. We will reopen Tuesday November 28th at 8am. Thank You ...

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Just a reminder GSSCO will be closed Saturday November 5th. 1st Saturday of the Month. ...

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GSSCO will be closed Friday September 1st thru Monday September 4th in observation of Labor Day. Thank You and have a safe and fun weekend. See you again Tuesday 8am. ...

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